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2001-07-23 - 9:16 a.m.

Catching up on a week's worth of dealings isn't so bad, I guess. I've been holding off on writing, and trying to figure out what I needed to express, or examine for a few days now, but I figure the best way to get those answers is to just write.

So, here goes.

Chloe is still at grandma's and there's no end in sight failed to get the tickets and comes up with this "it would have cost 50 bucks more to get her back a week earlier"


FIFTY DOLLARS? Please, that's the flimsiest shit I'eve ever stepped in in a loooong time. I even offered to pay the difference, and she says that they're already paid for and to change would be 100 per ticket.

How terribly unfortunate. I understand how much she loves Chloe, and I'm so grateful that she does and loves spending time with my daughter and wants to play a huge part in her life. Believe me, that's something so wonderful....and I don't want that to end.


I want my daughter here, and I miss her so much sometimes I just stare at her pictures or walk into her room, and look around and wish I had a mess to clean up...

When she gets back we're going to do the parks, hot as it is, and go to the watery spraying flaying kids areas, her and I in her little backpack and safari khaki shorts and shirt, gatorade and beef jerky, jelly bellies and rice cakes, camera in tow, god I miss her.

I need to hear her laugh and I need to hear that squeal when she sees me at the airport.

(on the 11th now, unbelievable)

Tuesday I worked in a six-man tag match, Kamikaze Kid and Special Ed, and I against Quickie Mart w/ Mark Zout (portraying Scotty too Hotty).

See Mark Z plays this "superfan" who emulates his favorite stars of the present and the past, in the ring as his every show he comes out as someone else.

It was a pretty awkward match....since I had the most ring time, I tried to keep things tight.

As reported by IPW themselves....

QUICKIEMART (Yasser Arafat Jr. and Agent Steele) continued their winning ways in IPW as they teamed up with 'Superfan' MARK ZOUT as they defeated SPECIAL ED, THE KAMIKAZE KID, and BUG.

Bug had his hands full with the two rookies from the very beginning, and that was evidenced by quite a few shouting matches between the partners throughout the match.

Meanwhile, Quickiemart looks to be in tremendous form as they executed quite a few double-team maneuvers very effectively.

Mark Zout (whose gimmick for the evening was SCOTTY 'NOT TOO' HOTTY) even got to do THE WORM with some help from his partners.

All hell broke loose during the end, as Bug drug Zout outside the ring and lined him up against the huge steel pole. He dove and leapt at Zout, but Mark ducked as Bug ended up taking full brunt of the huge steel beam face first.

With Bug down and out on the floor, Quickiemart was able to execute their patented '24/7', and get the victory.

In the aftermath, Bug and Kamikaze Kid and Special Ed got into a physical altercation, in which all three had to be restrained by security.

It was mindy's first time seeing me in person, and watching my "hobby". She almost got in a fight with this giant female wrestler named Cat LaRue in the bathroom who accused mindy of wetting the toilet seat or some ridiculous thing...Mindy said that one minute she was calling Cat white trash, and the next she was watching Cat kicking the shit out of someone in the ring in high heels.

I still love wrestling. I just hope she sees that I give 100% and that with what happened with my arm, this is something I need to do, and I need to push myself, and that it doesn't have to be at the expense of being her man, or being a good dad.


I wanted to write something else but now I can't.

Tonight we're going to see Dave Matthews Band in Tampa...that should be fun. I really want her to understand and appreciate how much I care for her and I wish she was the kind of girl that loves to snuggle and wrap her arms and legs around me twisted and knotted, and that she'd just kiss me for hours and hours...

but she's not.

So I'm struggling with that, because I am that kind of guy.

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