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2001-08-27 - 11:28 p.m.

the following song was written by Chloe, and sang to the rythym of "You do it to yourself...or whatever the fuck that Radiohead song is sort of, but not really, because she's two"

You are pick me are mommy

You are my friend my monster my daddy is purple

and his fingers and the colors and the monsters

and you come pick me up and theres my daddy

and mommys pick me up.

and i'm a good girl

and see i got the barbie, the barbie underwear

i dont care

i dont care


duht duh duh

there's the monsters and go back it hates me

and the door and helps the flowers and look out

bees you do it and lets go away and daddys sad

and go bay and the ice cream

hold on make me go back

make me go away for the hot dogs

She's a musical genius. (with some sort of monster issues apparently)

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