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2001-09-20 - 2:25 p.m.

She got me Pez. She got me Pez, and sure she thought it was Chewbacca, and it was really an Ewok, but she got me pez on our first real date.

She took it out of her purse, halfway through the previews and said "Here, I got you this for being so sweet."

When a girl remembers something small and trivial, like your favorite candy obsession, she's something special.

And she bought me extra strawberry refills. Yay!

We went out, Susan and I, the half-japanese freckle girl that I met out dancing at Cairo, our first date, my first since Mindy, last night. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory, drinks, small talk and smiles, laughing, warm, comfortable, fun, safe, promising.


She's a slow eater, and me, being a military guy, I really had to pace myself to keep from having a bare plate while she was halfway done.

I've found nothing wrong with this one so far. But you know me, I attract those with issues beyond let's not hold our collective breath, okay?

We walked out, across the lot to the movie theater, to see Captain Corelli's Shitty Italian Accent, staring Nicolas Cage and internationally-renowned homewrecker Penelope Cruz, a fair love story, set in the waning years of world war 2. There's a point in the movie in which the Italian army is forced to defend itself against the Germans, and if you know anything about military history, then you know that the Italians are not kidding when they call themselves Lovers, not Fighters.

We didn't kiss, didn't snuggle, but occasionaly we'd catch each other smiling or there was some chemistry, which was nice. She has such an amazing warm and sweet.

After the movie, I walked her to her car, and she gave me a ride to mine, and instantly saw my dented door, goddamn it, and we laughed about that, and I asked to see her left index finger, which she'd told me was shorter than her right one from some accident when she was a child.

I grabbed her hand, and held it, and we talked....and it was just really nice.


I showed her pictures of Chloe, and of me (with Chloe), and talked music and life and food and bahamas (she's on a cruise with a few dozen friends this week). I never let go of her hand the entire time, nor her of mine. And then the night was over...

I followed her out to the highway, and she waved and smiled from her window as we went the opposite directions to our homes...

We're going out next week.

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