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2001-10-08 - 8:45 a.m.

I will write more later, about this..but we kissed.

I stopped her, held her hands, pulled her tight against me, feeling her weight and her warmth...

lifted her chin, to mine, and kissed soft small gentle kisses. Lots of them.

I held her chin, her face in my hand and realized that the entire time we were kissing we were both smiling.

I pulled away, and her eyes were still closed, and her fingers wrapping themselves around my hands, weaving their way through mine.

She is so nice and sweet and I feel like I am really going to have to be a better person to be worth her attention.

I haven't been the greatest guy this past year.

will write about weekend more later, I have to get Chloe to school and get to an investment meeting.


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