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2001-10-17 - 7:55 p.m.

Night before last, Chloe and I made sugar cookies, from scratch.

We both got changed, me into baggy pajama bottoms and garish orange atari t-shirt and Chloe into her smiling clouds pj's all pink and covered in paint stains, since we do our finger painting in those.

She loves them though now, because when she wears them it means we are staying up late.

I took the batter mixture, and swirled in some sprinkle dots, and then let chloe mix it up,

with the hand blender,

on my lap

sitting on the counter.

I had a moment of absolute clarity that things would be okay. I remember how tough my parents had it, going from job to job, my dad committing to himself that he was going to be an independent construction contractor, the house burning to the ground, the near-bankruptcy, everything, putting us through private school when they could afford was just a hard way to live.

But I remember how much they smiled, and how proud they were of us whenever we did anything remotely noteworthy.

We took the batter mixture, all finished, and let it sit a few minutes, and then started spooning them out, her and I..onto the cookie sheet.

Spoon it

Smooth it with the back of your spoon

Sprinkles sprinkled on top...


Then we open the oven ,both of us wearing two oven mittens, hers up to her elbows and slid the tray into the preheated oven.


"Yep, watch your hands Yena...ahtigah"

Closed and locked, the timer set for 12 minutes.

"done yet?"

"nope. 12 more minutes"

Trick or Treat!

AznPear2000: then again, who knows if it's true

AznPear2000: still got that hello kitty candy

Pijohos: we'd come by if you're going to be home, and you promise not to

poison my daughter.

AznPear2000:'s already packaged...whoever packed it...

Pijohos: built-in alibi. nice.

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