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2001-10-21 - 11:23 a.m.

Steven Cloud

and I talk alot. He is going as the bug for halloween and he'll be wearing one of my favorite outfits...even though I haven't worn it that often, I do like it alot. In return, he's sent me a ton of prints, and a SWANK poster of his comic, Boy on a Stick and Slither.

It is a good comic.

Sometimes we talk and he records the conversations for posterity, I suppose. Here is the first one...

zCLOUD 9: are you fighting or friends in that pic?

Pijohos: that's my tag team partner, Rockin Rico Casanova, together we make up Spanish Fly!

zCLOUD 9: no shit!

zCLOUD 9: my dream to go to one of your matches.

Pijohos: it can happen for yoU!

zCLOUD 9: you'd be surprised at how un-ambitious i am.

Pijohos: i am almost too lethargic to reply to that

zCLOUD 9: how often do you wrestle?

Pijohos: like every weekend. if my mom lets me.

Pijohos: im kidding about the mom part.

zCLOUD 9: i know you don't do it for the money, but i'm curious... does it pay well.

Pijohos: this lady was giving me lip, calling me power ranger..and i said "LADY YOU'RE LUCKY IM NOT TOUGH, OR ID JUMP DOWN THERE AND KNOCK YOUR TEETH STRAIGHT!!"

Pijohos: nah, like 20-60 a match, depending on the promoter and how over you are in his territory. i've done international stuff, england/scotland/puerto rico/ and those pay a couple hundred a night.

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