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2001-11-26 - 6:49 p.m.

before I forget...

Chloe's Halloween.

In the morning, since her school had a strict "no-violence" clause for costumes, she was forced to be a Korean Princess wearing a hanbok, and then a powerpuff girl in the evening.

and in this picture, you can clearly see that fat japanese kid wearing the batman costume...

Chloe's school had a cool little party, and before then, i wanted to bring her by her old school Hand n Hand, so I did, and saw Mindy, Lori, Pat, Butch, Damaris, all her old friends...and of course Mindy ended up emailing me about how this school was the best for her, and such, after we came by.

She's probably right, but I just can't stand seeing her face, let alone the thought of seeing it everyday. Just too much hurts...thoughts of her, in my arms, in my car, in my bed, in my life.

I wish I wasn't just some guy she was fucking for a few months.

Anyways, so I guess it's my fault chloe never smiles in any of these photos at the party right? Ugh. OH yeah, she was so excited about wearing the makeup she made me call her mom to tell her she was a princess....made me get all teared up, and she kept asking me if she was beautiful.

She's so incredibly beautiful.

Here you can see the lovely Chloe Yena, tossing bean bags at "pumpkin bags" to win prizes!

I got this action photo. Look at that form.

It was kinda cool...she hit the bags, and then got to pick out two prizes. Man, I remember this one party I had in like second grade, where we busted this pinata at the fire department's KIDS SAFETY RALLY or whatever they called it.

This thing was filled with cool stuff like motorcycle guys or cowboys and indians, and stuff, and you just KNEW that the firemen were the ones who picked out the toys. I about blew a circuit scrambling for those toys.

Later that night, I put the REAL costume together, while Chloe sat on the couch and waited for me to finish sewing it... I got her perfect shoes, stockings, did her hair up, and sewed up her little costume.

Chloe and I went as Professor Utonium (me) and the Powerpuff Girls. I made her a costume of the green one, and used a wire surface mount with shoulder straps to affix the other two powerpuff girls to her back.

Here's my baby knocking on her first door, my friend Lisa's apartment

She had digital scans (front and back) of the other two powerpuff girls mounted onto foamcore so it was ultralight and easy for her to carry and move around with.

We went to the mall, which was a ghost town, relatively speaking, probably due to all the terrorist-related emails making the rounds, talking about DONT GO TO THE MALLS and stuff....

Then we went to a short list of friends I trust, and had her get candy from them, and finally ended up going to my condo group's halloween party, and watched The Mummy Returns, on a giant screen at the pool. Then we went back and went to

sleep. Fell asleep watching a video with her on my lap..

Not a bad night.

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