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2001-11-29 - 5:27 p.m.

I was brought into wrestling by CG Afi (cj) who went on to capture the ecw tag team championship, as Tony Mamaluke and has wrestled all over the world, and is probably one of the best bumpers to ever grace the squared circle.

I was lucky enough to work along side CJ again a few weeks ago, at a show in St. Pete....

Here's CJ, me and the infallable jet jaguar

Today is my 2 year anniversary of my first match. I am very proud of what I've done in that timeframe. I don't think I'm the best worker in the business, but I know i'm a hell of alot better than most. I'm only going to get older---er better.

Here's Frank cutting a promo as always

Frank was the guy who actually did most of my training. At least he took my money, even though his ass was always late to training

Yes, Chaos' blood is real. NO, I don't and never will do the blade gimmick.

My friend mark wrestles as Dagon Briggs. He's an outspoken guy, but he's a straight shooter, and probably one of the best workers in Florida. We've been in some matches together, but never any 1v1's. I'm hoping we do soon.

Hurray for my 2 year wrestling anniversary!

Special Ed takes my infamous tilt-a-whirl ddt.

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