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2001-12-04 - 4:05 p.m.

silly table propped by boxes,

the music

the whispers

the candles we couldn't keep lit

the blinking traffic lights from below,

playing off your eyes

Your freckles

dark sweater pale neck

hands in mine under the table

feeling ashamed that my farthest advance was to sweep your bangs back,

rather clumsily from your forehead.

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this wall has no mortar
35 Years old. 1971.
Taurus. Year of the Pig. Oink
Greying. Dyes, on occasion.
Blue/Green/Grey Eyes.
5'11. Okay, 5'10
215 pounds of boy
dad. married father.
love, big fan of/in
day: sr proj manager
night: pro wrestler (grr)

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