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2001-12-10 - 3:59 p.m.

Backhair dream!

I had a dream last night that even had a cameo from someone I chat with from time to time, and it's so weird that I have to write it down or I'll forget, and I don't want to.

I was noticing that I had some heavy itching on my back, and so I took my torso off, and placed it onto a work bench.

This left me with only my spine and my head connected to my bottom half. I remember being aware of the fact that this could kill me, only it would take a while to do so.

This meant that I had a certian amount of time to address the affected area on my back, which as it turns out, was a thick coarse orangish hair covering my entire back.

It was thickest in the middle along where the spine was. I remember feeling the meat of the torso, and feeling the absence of the spine.

I remember seeing my reflection in the mirror, seeing my Head balancing on an overly active spine moving back and forth like an ostrich neck.

I took my hand and ran it up against the grain of the back hair, and then got three razors and began to shave my disembodied torso. I shaved it close, and it was very smooth.

I then took the Torso and lifted it up and over and put it on my body again, much the same way you put on football pads with the jersey over the top of my head and fitted the ribs and shoulderblades to my spine.

I asked her to check and make sure I was "normal" and that it didn't look askew. She felt under my shirt, along the base of my spine and upwards with her fingers...and it was then that I realized that I had a horrible five O'Clock shadow starting to appear on my back.

(note: I have no hair on my back in real life. Except maybe three.)

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