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2001-12-18 - 12:21 p.m.

I'm so incredibly hungry right now, I've eaten a dozen saltines.

We are having a birthday lunch at 1pm est.

It's 12:21 and I didn't eat dinner last night. After gym, I had a big glass of bourbon and ice and that was all I could manage.

I sat in the bathroom with Chloe this morning and we each ate a strawberry eggo waffle.

She took a shower, and I read a few chapters of Hesse's short stories. They are different, dreamy, and almost like little fairy tales.

I put some black pepper on two of the crackers, and that was too messy. So I didn't keep doing that.

I did get some hot sauce though. That took a long time, so I simply took the crackers, mushed them up a bit, and held the hot sauce bottle over my mouth and let it drip onto the crackers.

That worked.

blisteryone: what's a healthy way to detach yourself from someone?

Pijohos: asking the wrong person andrea, i'm pretty good at making a mess of things, burning bridges and severing all semblance of a friendly relationship. Need any tips in that department?

blisteryone: no

It's Christmastime and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

No fucking clue.

I am mind-numbingly hungry now.

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