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2001-12-19 - 7:50 p.m.

One of the guys who trained me, got me excited and into the business, and a guy who I look to as one of the best young workers in the business....Jamie Howard had this written about him today.

Jamie Knoble may have suffered an injury while wrestling Chad Collyer at tonight's HWA show in Cincinnati, Ohio. The possible injury occurred when Collyer applied a Texas cloverleaf on Knoble. After the hold was released, Knoble laid motionless in the ring & all of the HWA stars came out to check on him. The fans were then told that the show was over & to leave the building. Ten minutes later, Knoble still had not moved. His current condition is unknown & more information will be reported when it becomes available.

I have no idea if this is a work (fake) or not. There's no answer on his home phone.

I hope he is fine. Jamie dropped me on my head once, was deliberately stiff with me in the ring when I first started training.... which made me hate him for awhile, but I was green and stupid.

About six months after his WCW contract was renewed he came down and trained with us for a few weeks, and gave me the greatest compliment I'd gotten at that point in my career.

"Bug, I'm stealing that move of yours....and going to use it on TV."

He did, too.

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