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2001-12-28 - 6:34 p.m.

On the cusp of the new year, I am grateful for the life I've been given, the things I've earned , the things I've fallen into, and the people who've picked me up when I was falling.

I'm grateful for so much.

Chloe shows me she's ready for bed and has brushed her teeth.

This Christmas was my first with just Chloe. Last year her mom and I spent time together, not speaking much, but we made the most of it, and had a decent enough holiday.

We always open one present on Christmas Eve. My cousin got her this cute makeup kit with toy cell phone that talks in a fucked up british accent, all phoney-like. She's into it.

We did the whole works. We got cookies and milk for santa, egg nog, bought chestnuts and cornish hens (plus mcnuggets), had christmas music cd's watched the rudolph special and even fat albert what the hell was that all about? also bourbon, shh.

She can smell the loot. SMELL IT!!*


We called my parents, spoke with my brothers, did all that..opened our presents from my brothers to me...some wrestling tapes and a Buffalo Bills shirt, pretty standard. I got them electric shavers. Well, my mom picked them up, I just sent her to get them, so I didn't have to pay for shipping.

Someone has cookie face. We decided to put some oreos and some 2% milk out for the Big Man.

She thought it was really funny when I was yelling at her about eating a cookie after brushing her teeth. Yeah real funny, cavity FACE!

So it got to be that time, you know, and I explained to her, let her know that Santa was all about taking care of the presents situation but she had to be fast asleep...and dreaming and thinking good thoughts, about mommy and grandma and grandpa and stuff.

When she woke up, it was around 6am, and I'd already eaten the plate of cookies, and drank the milk, laid out the presents and gotten a good, what? 2 hours of sleep?

She's all excited because he ate the cookies. Yeah, he did.

She tore through most of the presents pretty fast, and with some sort of blind fervor that I can't really begin to describe...machine-like.

You can't tell by looking at the presents there, but I had no tape, so I used crazy glue to wrap them.

I am a techie, so I was pretty excited about this toy. It's this book and pen with hotspots that have audio and visual cues that say and pronounce tons of things..plays instruments, tells stories, etc.

I had speak and spell. SAY IT. SAY IT.

ah, you don't know what the fuck i'm talking about do you, diary?

The Leap Pad

LOOK AT MY LEAP PAD AND BE SO JEALOUS YOU CANT LOOK AT MY LEAP PAD ANYMORE. LOOK AWAY NOW was great. Kinda lonely, my first one since I was in the gulf during the war that I haven't been home with family..and friends.

It was nice being Daddy though. Nicer than being the big brother, or the son, or even the husband.

I could get used to being Santa.

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