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2002-01-09 - 4:55 p.m.

In my dream last night, Eric called me and said that Jeff had something going on down at the beach, where the chicks were falling all over him.

There was an air rifle park, where ladies would go to shoot at targets with pump-em-up bbguns and stuff.

Jeff would go down there and take his shirt off and the girls would beg him to shoot the guns and pump them up for them, and they were swooning over him.

Then Eric and I did this, but I only managed two girls, and neither spoke really good english, or maybe they were stupid?

Anyways, Eric and I were mad at Jeff, because he never told us about the Air Gun park, place, and just was going by himself picking up on girls, so we went to the bowling alley that was overlooking one of the bbgun ranges, like one of those double tier golf driving range places.

Oh, also eric had a special bowling ball, because he had (only in my dream, not in real life) two fingers on his right hand, like a crab claw. They were more like two thumbs, facing opposite directions, in a pincer-like fashion.

Then we'd roll our balls toward one of the lanes we knew had no gutter system so the balls would shoot out fast past the bowling alley-ball-stop thing, and onto the bb gun driving range.

We were trying to smash the bowling balls on Jeff's head and send him a message, as to say, "Hey, Jeff, maybe you shouldn't be so fucking smug with your pumping up the guns for the ladies and keeping it secret business."

We never hit Jeff, but got close. Then the manager came to us to bitch about missing the pins, and our lanes entirely, but then I was like, "Hey check out my friend's hand, he is handicapped, you cruel fuck".

Then we started busting up laughing at him.

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