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2002-01-11 - 2:18 p.m.

In 1973 Count Dante was requested to come to Hollywood, California by Counselor Films to do a screen test for the starring role in a Kung-Fu movie. The test proved futile due to the fact that the camera could not pick up his brutal, lightning - fast hand techniques.

The motion picture studio's insurance coverage was canceled due to the injuries of stunt men and martial artists on the set because Count Dante did not pull his punches and kicks.

Count Dante was such a fucking badass, and if I hadn't bought the 100 PIECE ARMYMEN SET from the back of my comic books, I would have learned the art of whipping ass, afro-dante style, to be sure.

Susan gave me my christmas present(s) yesterday, after dinner at Epcot's Japanese resturant.....her and I and cocktails and sizzling beef and shrimp and chicken and soy and sake and sweet potatoes and smiles and hands...


Cool stocking with "Silly Bug" glittered onto it.

Three Godiva Chocolate Cookies

Huge Godiva Caramel and Chocolate Bar

a Kenneth Cole silver watch

a bottle of Dior's new cologne

a Pez dispenser with a cool ass Bug Head on it!

(plus cherry and strawberry pez)

a book to read in the shower (I read in the shower, yes I do)

a box of chalk =(

Maybe I worry over nothing, when it comes to what she thinks of me.

She always told me that I can keep the shampoo anywhere I want as long as I don't waste it.

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