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2002-01-17 - 11:25 a.m.

I live in Florida. It shouldn't be icy in the mornings here.

I even had to get an ice scraper from the garage. How amazingly winterish.

Going to school with Chloe takes 30 minutes to get from "Shoes on" to "Buckled In" sometimes. Today was like step at a time, stopping to check everything out.

I do the headband thing when I'm too lazy to braid/comb/barret


Wrestling this weekend for CWF (Christian Wrestling Federation and for MFW In Sanford Should be fun. Good matches both times, as Rico and I fight against Livewire and Justice (halo 13) on friday and Kwickiemart on saturday for the CWF Tag belts.

A fan made that sign for me. It uses the new BUG LOGO. My fans are the best.

My car has a sunroof, and my hair is receding little by little.

So, anyways....

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