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2002-01-19 - 1:44 p.m.

Saturday One Four Four

Dream Friday:

Susan and I go on a road trip to a invitation party at a resort.

We arrive in the day, head to our room, and then she reads that the invitation is girls only, no boys. We agree I will stay out of sight during the festivities.

The room opens up to the deck, where there is a bed, and a wood slat fence around the entire deck area, which is in and of itself an additional bedroom.

On the comforter of the bed, is the word GRIEF, written in red block letters. covering the entire comforter. I notice that on the bed is a gift basket filled with soap. At the center of the basket is a glass bottle that says "Mbate" on the label.

Well, well well.

Then there are some other things that happened that I forgot.

I got these pictures that I forgot about.

Susan, an hour after midnight. Times Square. Bundled. Mine. =)

Me. Dorky. Grey. Blue Eyes that day.

Chloe acting silly at the office. She knows what the camera is and does all sorts of poses.

This is where she sleeps when she stays at teh office. bundled in daddy's sweatshirts, when I'm needing to put in a few extra hours.

Driving in Daddy's car. On our way to get some Marble Slab bubblegum ice cream for the most beautiful girl in the world.

Last night I wrestled with Rico against Halo13, great match, one of our best ever...and I think I might have fractured my foot.

Tonight before I wrestle, I'll just tape it up.

After that, Susan and I went for drinks and some eats, and then went bowling.

My first game sucked. like 100. hers was 98.

My second game looked like this:


Bowling was lots of fun. She has super-japanese-sway-hip-action-lucky-go!

She's the best.

Then we made out on a dirt road.

I'd never done that before.

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