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2002-01-21 - 5:11 p.m.

Saturday night Rico and I, Spanish Fly, won the CWF Tag Team Championship from Quickie-Mart. My first championship ever.

It says alot that we got the chance to prove ourselves, and for me especially as this is my first chance at a legitimate push. I am pretty happy with how things went down.

We won after I rolled up Yaz with a tumbling cradle and held onto the ropes and his tights.

I am a cheater.

correction----a Champion Cheater.

I used the following to talk to the fans at ringside who kept giving me crap..

"Shut your Piehole, before I Slap the ugly right off your face."

"You better keep it shut, before I come down there and knock your teeth straight."

This one little boy about 11 was with 2 of his friends, and he was being lippy and laughing at me because my mouth was busted open and I was bleeding, and he was just getting on my nerves...

"Hey bug I bet you lose!!

"Gamblings a sin little girl."

His two friends laughed at him pretty hard.

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