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2002-02-08 - 2:52 p.m.

Last night I had a weird dream.

In this dream, the future was overcome with zombies, and I was one of the humans that were left to help destroy all the zombies. They had come to such high populations because of Nuclear War.

The group of humans that I was with, lived in a town on the coast of somewhere, and it was one of those little Americana towns, Small Town, USA.... We were in charge of targetting zombies using these small single person ships, that were no larger than a football.

We had taken over a small abandoned high school, and set it up to allow mission sorties (flights, check me out) to be made from a big runway and a barn door like exit-only door that flapped open like the batcave when the planes were jetting down the runway.

The small room in the upper right was the place where you'd get shrunk so you could fly the planes. I was one of the pilots. Our uniforms were like the orange ones that the rebels flew in star wars.

I don't remember if we had helmets.

We would fly the planes over the cities, and find masses of zombies. We would then record the coordinates and radio back to the school/base and they would instruct our military to launch bomb attacks on the clustered undead. I remember feeling like this was just all in a days work, this zombie targeting thing.

When I got back from one mission, I noticed ALOT of zombies in the town, and they were all heading towards the base. I flew in and somehow I was big again, but whatever, and I saw the entire place was just being ripped apart and people were being eaten and everything, it was horrible. horrible...

So I started heading towards the launch room, because our entire operations work was there, and it never dawned on me that the zombies might not be destructive, just, you know, hungry for human flesh, and whatnot.

I pocketed a few of the ships, in their small state, (they were smaller right now, like maybe as big as LEGGS egg) and grabbed some sort of shrinker I THINK, BUT I CANT BE SURE...and I grabbed some grenades.

I ran down the runway and noticed that the zombies had all been feeding in a big pile and I tossed some grenades down there and man all them zombies blew up it was just crazy.

So, then I went back to check the lab and I almost ran into one of the lab technicians who didn't realize he was a zombie.

Also the lab technician was Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Okay, he doesn't look too much like him, because I draw like crap, but believe me, it was Cuba Gooding, jr.

He actually looks like this:

It was crazy, he didn't know he was a zombie and was asking me if I needed help on the shrinker, and then when he'd get close he'd smell my human brain or my flesh or something and start trying to grab me. I'd be all, "Get away from me, just stay over there!!" but he'd be in his zombiemode and start reaching at me. In this dream, zombies didn't shamble so much...but you could disorient them by slapping them in the head or kicking them over. Then they'd take awhile to get back on track.

I ran into the front room and out the window which was one of those ones that open from the top inward, like a drawer kind of, whatever, I can't explain it. I got stuck too, but I made it out.

Then I went to this park nearby, and there I saw this madness:

There were these big black bears eating these small baby brown bears, swallowing them whole, and the small bears were whimpering.

I knew then, that I would be okay, oh and they weren't zombie bears, I knew that....they were just really hungry and overpopulated after the reduction in human population most likely, and they were coming to our towns.

or maybe they had just chased some small baby bears and ended up there...I'm not sure.

So I knew, that my zombie hunting days would end , and the world would become normal, because the bears would be eating the zombies shortly. I made my way towards them, in hopes of luring them towards the school, where Cubazombie was waiting for me..waiting...waiting....

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