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2002-02-11 - 3:12 p.m.

My friend Jessie wrote me this:

Hows it goin,

What you been up to lately? DOAC by the looks of your website. How did that game turn out? Better than UO or EQ? I would play a game like that but I just dont have the time these days. Is it real time consuming like EQ is where you cant go anywhere unless you have to devote 6 hours to some dungeon siege? I am going to an international school in Jakarta out here in Indo and they have really high standards so I have lots of work and shit. Its cool though for a high school kid out here cause if you have money you can basically do anything, everything is real cheap. Also get to go drinking and clubbing so thats fun.

After the terrorist attacks the tension out here against americans was high for a while and they evacuated us back to the states. The media made it seem a lot worse than it actually was and I can go just about anywhere but the super-ghettos where they will stab my ass. Just every once and a while someone yells "Bule" which basically means whitie. Big deal. You just have to use a little more caution than US big cities and use your head. That means no following guys with no shoes when they ask you to come around the corner where its dark.

A half indonesian friend of mine is friends with this club owner who happens to be the son of the indonesian mob boss. Like the main boss. Anyways we went clubbing and this guy had like 5 bodyguards around him all the time and he was always pulling out a wad of cash to buy drinks for everyone. Supposedly he is real nice, he keeps social life and business apart which is good. A couple guys at our school have gone to his house. He has like a huge mansion with multiple mercedes and a collection of guns including some AK47's. The Mob here like owns the majority of all the clubs in town and the police. This is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Regardless, I love it.

Talk to you later


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