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2002-02-15 - 3:50 p.m.

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1. me at office.

2. my valentines card I sent to the other wrestlers I work with.

3. me at office.

4. Chloe and I on v-day having wings at one of Orlando's finest dining establishments.

5. Check out Jeff's lazy eye.

6. Judy, our old secretary with Chloe.

7. Chloe hamming it up.

8. She got a princess accessory pack with her barbie princess outfit.

9. Chloe wearing her Cherries Dress in her room.

10. Getting ready for bed.

11. I swear she changes clothes 20x a day.

12. Hanging out with mom, making it so I can't come home to my own apartment.

13. Her mom's car that I pay for, even though I'm the most evil person in the world, and I'm a fucking monster and ruined her life.

14. This is what I did for karl so he can get more nervous thinking about me driving next to him on our way home.

15. same.

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