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2002-02-19 - 1:22 p.m.


You have the cutest little girl, I cant believe she is three though. I remember playing UO and you were talking about your knew daughter. American guys and Asian girls always have the best looking kids, Its the same with pretty much all asia I guess cause all the Indo-American girls that go to my school here are all real pretty. I am in the process of getting my dad to get a camcorder that also takes pictures and am planning on setting up a webpage. There is so much cool shit out here to film. Eventually I'll have it done.

I have had sex with one of the indo chicks here, I dont go for them all the time they are real whorish and go for white guys for money. Usually I try to get with girls who go to my school or other international schools cause they speak english, but if I feel depressed I will hook up with an indo chick since its easy. I had this one chick who didnt speak any english suck my dick in the back of a explorer type car and she was like 20-21. That was pretty fun especially since she was way older than me But most of the time I dont touch the indo chicks to tell you the truth.

I still play a lot of computer games but I dont play any online games like DAOC or EQ. Takes up too much time. I setup a LAN in my house between 2 cpus and play a lot with friends. There is no copyright law here on computer software so you can get any game or program here the day it comes out in the US, sometimes sooner, for around 1 dollar. Pretty funny buying shit like WinXP for a dollar. So I play basically every good game as it comes out then throw it in the used pile since they are so cheap. Same goes for PS2 games but I had to get a mod-chip put in. Also whats kinda cool is there are big counterstrike LANS around the city here where you can go to kill all your friends.

Its like 35 cents an hour to play and you can get food delivered to the little desk where you play. Good fun for boring sundays and hungover saturdays. And of course there is the best of this place, no drinking age and lots of bars and clubs. Thats about it for now, talk to you later


P.S. Really cute baby

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