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2002-03-01 - 1:24 a.m.

Sometimes I think things are just horrible, and I feel miserable, then I realize that things aren't so bad, and I have Chloe and there was a point when I sat in an apartment in Manhattan making about 250k, with a girl I had left everything for, someone I felt was perfect for me, who told me that I couldn't have both her and Chloe.

I sat there crying and freezing cold--

and wishing nothing more than to be able to lay her on my stomach and take a nap with her, holding her against me, feeling her tiny heartbeat.

It's only two days away, Sunday--our Sundays, just hanging out, her and I,



baskin-robins toy ice cream maker

folding books


whatever she wants, I can't wait to get back from this trip, and I haven't even left. I know I fret about not being paid at this job, not landing new contracts, Susan's complete lack of communication and her bottled up emotions--all those things.

Today, I don't really care about any of that.

(I'd like to get paid though)

Going to ny/nj/oh for some wrestling shows then back for a cwf title defense, sunday.

I'm bringing six pairs of underwear.

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