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2002-03-08 - 5:06 p.m.

My friend jeff is sick. He is also crazy now. Part of me is saddened by it, of course, but there is also a part of me that is curious about what's going on inside of his head.

NuttyJeff1: Exactly thats why I have written a very good childern stroy patented it. Working on my novel.
NuttyJeff1: Childern's story is going pretty far.
Pijohos: going far where?
: I just have the Idea. I have all ready did my own outside promoting it, now I will blast the companies with it, and if they want it we'll negotiate. But I am not putting cost into it. I am only going to sumbit pretty much the whole stroy where htey can take it as far as they want.
Pijohos: who did the illustration?
: DE, FL, MD, NJ, CA, ST Louis, Philly, god who knows where else.
NuttyJeff1: No one. Because that not my job. I am creative. I just put the idea out there and then if they want they can do what they want to make it into something huge. I just want a little say so in it, and royalites and my name credited.
NuttyJeff1: that's
Pijohos: well someone's got to illustrate it.
: Yeah they can Diseny, nick.
Pijohos: i know a guy in michigan who does childrens book illustration
: his name is mocker.
: I am no nothing in that departmeant what want it an idea.
NuttyJeff1: Like hte Book little bear.
NuttyJeff1: That lady just an Idea.
NuttyJeff1: Like those things on cars to keep your car cooler, those cardboard things.
Pijohos: my car doesn't have those!
: You only have to have an IDEA. There are so many publishers out there and its a matter of me just nailing them.
NuttyJeff1: Those kids were 12 and came up with that idea and are rich.
Pijohos: what kids?
: I have many of orginal Ideas made but when I do I copyright everything.
NuttyJeff1: The kids that made those card board things for wind shields.
NuttyJeff1: Not now kids
NuttyJeff1: Probably adults.
Pijohos: rich adults. with their cardboard dreams.
: You stay away from the booze, drugs, and only trust certain people your fine.
NuttyJeff1: No one can take my idea.
NuttyJeff1: I have other ideas that I am just waiting for somone to come out with them and I know somone will and I will blast them in court.
NuttyJeff1: I would be so damn confident I would defend myself.
NuttyJeff1: Or not defend
NuttyJeff1: Sue
NuttyJeff1: Be my own prosection guy.
Pijohos: You in court? i can't imagine that
: prosecution guy.
NuttyJeff1: Owe I can.
Pijohos: what do they call the prosecution guy anyways?
: Oh I can.
NuttyJeff1: I love court.
NuttyJeff1: I love court TV and all those court movies.
Pijohos: whats that one movie with the guy who's in the wheelchair they made it into a tv show
: The guy that is suing is the prosecution attorney and then you have someone that is the defense attorney for the guy being sued.
Pijohos: you know alot about court.
: Sure do.
NuttyJeff1: I know a lot about other stuff to.
NuttyJeff1: Like I do not agree with when insurance companies won't pay for birth control pills but they'll more for something when the kid is borning and or an abortion.
NuttyJeff1: The money they could save by just handeling the issue before becomes a big problem.
NuttyJeff1: I believe highly that they should not sell liquer or beer on a plane.
Pijohos: why?
: i like to have a drink on the airplane.
: Just something that could go wrong. Easily. I mean these people were drinking so much on this plane htey were loud and rude.
NuttyJeff1: I would make it limited.
Pijohos: i think they can stop people from having too much though can't they?
: If suspected anyone was drunk as they got on the plane I would not let them board it.
Pijohos: ive seen them pull people from line
: and not let them board planes because of drinking
: I also believe the only way to get marajuna under control is to legalize it and tax the shit out of it, and then if you get caught selling it, it would no longer be just a slap on the wrist the first time.
NuttyJeff1: 5 years min.
Pijohos: if it's legal, can't you sell it? or is that part of your plan? to make them THINK they can do it, then WHAM no more drug dealers?
: And if its not wrapped in a ciggarte form then you get nailed.
NuttyJeff1: Driving on it same charges as achohol.
NuttyJeff1: The rules would be stated.
NuttyJeff1: Of what the consequences are.
Pijohos: yeah, even make them into LAWS??
: exactly.
NuttyJeff1: I care if people smoke it I longer do.
NuttyJeff1: And if its not wrapped in that ciggarette your in trouble no matter how much you have on you out of there.
Pijohos: you have never smoked weed?
: 21 to do it.
NuttyJeff1: Under age nailed.
Pijohos: but you can smoke regular tobacco in a pipe.
: I have.
Pijohos: will smoking regular tobacco in a pipe now become illegal?
: Not with marjuna, that would be a rule. Cigarrete form or your busted.
NuttyJeff1: High price it and TAX it.
NuttyJeff1: Then you will defiantly see a difference.
NuttyJeff1: Now if your home, there nothing really anyone can do. Unless you being tapped or watched.
Pijohos: does the government DO THAT??!??! record you in your home?
: If I was on jury duty which I can't wait until they call me for it I would really analyze everything very closely if it was determing another man or woman's life.
NuttyJeff1: The police tape your damn lines if they have resonable supision.
NuttyJeff1: Just like in schools, if someone if supious they have the right to go through your locker.
Pijohos: yeah but they own the locker
: you don't
: There is no searh warrants there because your in a public building borrowing property.
NuttyJeff1: Exactly.
NuttyJeff1: They have Under covers all over.
NuttyJeff1: On airlines, events. Thats how it is.
Pijohos: that's scary
: By law if you suspect that someone is under cover cop they have to tell you by law.
NuttyJeff1: Then they can't do shit really becasuse they got busted.
Pijohos: dude once you bust an undercover cop like that, it's like a leprechaun...he's got to show you his pot of gold baby!
: I also think that it should be a LAW that police need to have some kind of light on at night so people can see them because if there is an accident that cop is gonna get killed, and so will there person and not fair at night. To dangerous.
Pijohos: what about glowing pants?
: Something.
NuttyJeff1: They should have their lights on because a risk.
Pijohos: what if they are trying to be incognito
: And I feel once an athlete gets put in for prision doing something bad he should never be able to peform again
NuttyJeff1: Musicians too.
NuttyJeff1: Pete Rose great player had he just gambled another team he would be in the Hall of Fame.
NuttyJeff1: I think INDY wrestling should be drugged screened.
NuttyJeff1: By promoters.
NuttyJeff1: Thats there buiness.
Pijohos: okay, then jeff, so what you are saying is that everyone who goes to jail should never be able to have a job after that? never be able to make money?
: When you walk into that place your their to work. Everything should be down by check.
NuttyJeff1: Not under the table.
NuttyJeff1: done
Pijohos: well, most promotions aren't even real businesses.
: They can go on to another career but not the same one.
NuttyJeff1: Lawyers to.
NuttyJeff1: Anyone they should be banned from that profession, like shoeless joe was.
NuttyJeff1: 8 men out
NuttyJeff1: and athletes should get any easier than the commn working man in court.
Pijohos: man i dont ever want to make a mistake in your world!
: OJ didn't murder anyone. He had someone do it for him.
NuttyJeff1: Who we will never know.
NuttyJeff1: He just proved he lies by stealing cable and I mean who hasn't but it just you know puts to into together.
NuttyJeff1: I would be a great public defender if I chose to go into that profession because I would be damn good at it.
NuttyJeff1: And don't think for a second that thoughs attorneys don't defense or prosecution don't bond together to get someone.
NuttyJeff1: They work together sometimes, behind the seens.
NuttyJeff1: I copryright REMOVED FOR MY PROTECTION" meaning somone cannout with the "REMOVED FOR MY PROTECTION" can't use that monicur unless I give them permission. The can use the "REMOVED FOR MY PROTECTION" Chirs Patterson.
NuttyJeff1: There is some out there that do but I think every state needs an atheletic commision if they don't have. And that includes indies, which some states do.
Pijohos: well that makes perfect sense to me.
: Anyone caught putting hand on woman or children or woman hitting should be put down hard.
NuttyJeff1: That eliminates the drug problems in wrestling.
NuttyJeff1: and the beer.
NuttyJeff1: Because it shouldn't be around the business with the fans there. Now selling it to fans is different but if your performer you cannot not drink on the job.
Pijohos: that should be the rule, i agree.
: If I was president I would control matters really good.
NuttyJeff1: I would take bushes totally same approach he is doing.
NuttyJeff1: Brilliant man who hasn't messed up yet
Pijohos: if you would do exactly what he's doing, then how are you going to win my vote!!!
: Probably the best president since his dad.
Pijohos: as opposed to the long list of bad ones in between, you mean?
: Kennedy did all that shit blacks and then puts his kids in private schools, johnson started vietnam mistake, kennedy handeled that crisis good and he might have been able to avoid nam. Nixion nixed the war but he got caught stealing
NuttyJeff1: Clinton should have been impeached.
NuttyJeff1: And what really hurt gore was clinton.
Pijohos: i had no idea you were so deeply rooted in politics and what not.
: Plus most people knew that bush was just as brilliant as his father and is a people person. He crys and shows that emotion. He takes slow acts on everything.
NuttyJeff1: Which is the brilliant way to go.
NuttyJeff1: reggian was ok carter ok and for really didn't do anything for me as I read.
I think all jobs should make you read Thomas Payne's book common sense until they let you work.

NuttyJeff1: Every job should drug test.
NuttyJeff1: I work at the YCMA with 3rd and 5th graders out of an elementary school near me.
NuttyJeff1: I as a leader if I see a kid that is bruised, scartches, or anything like that, I have to report.
NuttyJeff1: Depression to.
Pijohos: there is surely alot of pain out there that people dont notice.
: its a good thing we have people like you looking out for them
: Doctors need to use more palecbo's because basically its in the patients head. Now pain is not controlled well I think in some hospitals. I think they sometimes give to much medication and they cause the problem, so they need to pay for counseling or therapy not the patient or their insurance.
NuttyJeff1: It should be taken out of the doctors insurance,
NuttyJeff1: I personally think we americans stick our noses in other people business like isreal.
NuttyJeff1: We didn't need to give them all that stuff, but the reason we did is because jewish peope own a lot of the big business's. And thats why we got nailed on the 11th.
NuttyJeff1: You will never ever end terriosm.
NuttyJeff1: Shit police terrioze freaking people in prision that don't deserve it. And sometimes they convestgate the drugs and then sell them or use there selfs.
Pijohos: you believe that the jews caused that? i would think its because we're at the epicenter of the global, information, and monetary activity
: and the wtc was representative of that.
: Are comfort as so much hidden shit. They should hide nothing from any US citizen
NuttyJeff1: We were provided them with weapons and shit to fight the palatians and the others.
NuttyJeff1: Its been going on for years.
NuttyJeff1: We should have never dropped and atomic bomb on Hirosima and nakaski, even though they did what they did, we should have handled that better.
NuttyJeff1: Why kill more people.
NuttyJeff1: We all bleed the same damn color, we all beleive in a god and, thoughs that don't god bleieves and them and how we believe in that god thats how our right. But there is only one god and how he fullfills yours needs thats up to you and him
Pijohos: they surrended very soon afterwards.
: so it worked.
: Yeah but it was pointless.
NuttyJeff1: Killing kids.
Pijohos: i think killing a 5, 15, 50, 95 year's all the same.
: it's all killing.
: There is no remorse for killing. Once gone a person is gone, why be vengeful.
NuttyJeff1: Exactly
NuttyJeff1: War is pointless.
NuttyJeff1: Because eventually everyone gets effected by that.
NuttyJeff1: I don't believe in the death penalty because a person should not be able to escape that easy to better place. All people go to heaven. Because my friend with all the war and drugs going on now, this is hell.
NuttyJeff1: Murder.
NuttyJeff1: Saten owns this land.
NuttyJeff1: When you die thats it.
NuttyJeff1: Spirt is there body gone.
NuttyJeff1: Mind gone.
NuttyJeff1: Beliefs gone.
NuttyJeff1: God gives you a clean slate.
Pijohos: there is alot of good in this world.
: The world could benefit with someone like me in a high position.
NuttyJeff1: Because I would tell it like it is.
NuttyJeff1: If person askes me now as a vet how there match was I will tell what I liked and didn't like and what they need to work on, but I would do it in a nice suitable fashion.
NuttyJeff1: I don't BS
Pijohos: some people can't take criticism
: If they can't then I will never help anyone again.
Pijohos: well i'm heading to bed jeff!
: that person
NuttyJeff1: other people that want to learn in any prfesiion that I have knowlege in I will help.

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