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2002-03-27 - 4:41 p.m.

I had a dream I was at the beach, driving a jeep. It was the hunter green wrangler I wanted to buy about 10 years ago.

I used to sit in it on the lot on base in Korea, at lunch with my friend Ken.

I never bought it, even though I paid the down. I changed my mind, I guess.

We sat, in the dream, on the beach, watching the dozens of surfers riding in the waves, one after another.

We, being my friend Jeff, and Kara. Except Kara wasn't her...she was someone that I knew along time ago.

Merging memories.

Soon there was a great rumbling and everyone started panicking and rushing towards the water from the beach.

A volcano had erupted and lava was rushing over the hills nearby....towards the ocean where we were swimming.

I got into the jeep and drove it towards the water in hopes of staying alive a few minutes longer....till the water got so deep that the Jeep began to float and then sink...slowly.

The lava kept coming, it wasn't going to stop, and the heat began to get overwhelming..

I saw people just instantly killed...incinerated. gone. done.

The lava just flooded over them.

After a few moments I began to look forward to it rushing over me as well....and then it did.

And then everything went white and blank and perfect.

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