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2002-04-11 - 2:12 p.m.

yes i'm still here.

I have had five phone interviews with Apple.

It's in Fresno.

Looks good.

It's in Fresno.

It's six figures.

It's in Fresno.

I know exactly how many times (and with whom thank you very much), i've had sex in the past six months.

It is not a number I'd brag to the boys about, but I feel good about it, since I haven't had any one nighters.

Or anything meaningless.

At least not to me.

Chloe and I are growing short tempered with one another, but we have good days too.

I work out two to three hours per day.

I am 189.

We lay out at the pool and I read alot now.

I've had a few contract gigs, not enough to live off of, but not enough to do bankruptcy over (yet).

Wrestled alot.

Saw Susan zero times.

Talked to her six times a week.

Deserve better.

Chloe said, "Daddy make sure you shoot the Chinese Mafia in chinatown because they broke your car one time, member that?"

See, Grand Theft Auto 3 teaches children about consequences of your actions and addressing problems with solution-oriented focus.

She brushed my teeth twice too. She's very rough, though, and my gums paid the price.

I had a dream I wrote a screenplay about a reality tv show that was filmed and broadcast live, where the participants chose to not leave the set, because of a million dollar prize at the end of the season.

During the tapings someone ( a cast member) was killed, presumably by another cast member, and it wasn't captured on film.

This was my dream, and my idea, and I'm sure it will make money, so don't steal it and make money off it, jackass.

Tomorrow I'm in Rage in the Cage 4 for IPW.

I am wearing all my Hockey gear because it's going to be a bring your own weapon battle royale inside a 10 foot steel cage.

I am too old.

I also need more than this.

I know what I need, too....that's frustrating.

My friend from high school, Missy, and her husband and kids are going to be in Orlando tomorrow. I haven't seen her since graduating.

In 8th grade, I had a crush on her. She had boobies then. Big ones.

Also, she was (is) white.


I don't know if I'll write more, to be honest.

How come none of the people who read this ever come to orlando to hand out sexual gifts as a token of their appreciation for all the joy that reading me has given them?

you in the back, I hear you coughing, shush.

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