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2002-05-09 - 4:16 p.m.

This is just so I don't forget my dream.

Jeff and I were in WW1.

We were in this row of trenches, some sort of bunker complex. Jeff was writing a book....and the completion of this book was critical in the war effort.

Jeff played a key role in the ultimate outcome of World War One.

I was pretty much the head guy in the bunkers, and showed people where the concertina wire was set up, and where the murder holes were, so you could shoot the germans without exposing yourself to return fire.

Also the Germans had zombies, that they'd send at our bunker complex.

The zombies looked like old 80's rock stars, and were fast. They didn't have good control of their arms though. They wouldn't open doors, like the bunkers had these door knobs, that allowed you to rush out into "no-man's land" in between our lines and the germans.

The zombies would kind of stay about 20 feet back and then rush at the doors when we'd open them to peer out, for whatever reason.

Eventually they cut our food supply off, and we had no food left.

I found a box of CD-R's , some blank CD's and told everyone how I read somewhere that they had nutritional content and could be digested.

We would sit there and eat them, when we were hungry, we had no water to wash them down.

They were crunchy, and had the texture of rock candy, but no sugary taste.

They were papery.

Unfortunately, they contained traces of mercury, which would kill you if you ate enough.

I had a special kit that I'd use to test myself to see if I'd ingested enough mercury to make myself crazy.

When I woke up, I was still good to go.

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