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2002-05-16 - 8:18 p.m.

Trialbyfire450: i been working through that chest/back injury for a month now

Pijohos: hows stuff with work?

Pijohos: what happened? injury?

Trialbyfire450: kids from Jersey did the flip off my chest and it pulled somthing

Trialbyfire450: thanks for the compliment

Pijohos: what do you want to do in our match

Pijohos: one or two new spots?

Trialbyfire450: yeah

Trialbyfire450: i definatly want to do the tider todder armdrag thing

Trialbyfire450: and the spot where you catch my moonsault and give me the driver

Trialbyfire450: plus a moonsault to the outside

Pijohos: do you think you could backflip onto my shoulders and into a victory roll?

Trialbyfire450: no

Pijohos: haha pussy

Trialbyfire450: thats for the circus freaks

Trialbyfire450: i cant do that

Trialbyfire450: would be a hell of a move

Pijohos: i want to do the vaulting headscissors from the corner and then this gimmick where i slide towards you grab your arms while we're facing cross them across my chest and slide through your legs into a bridge pin

Trialbyfire450: cool

Trialbyfire450: i like it

Pijohos: are you able to picture it?

Trialbyfire450: yes i think so

Trialbyfire450: it makes sense

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