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2002-05-16 - 8:26 a.m.

When Jeonga and I were married, I would sometimes let my facial hair grow out if I had a three or four day "weekend".

When I would shave it, I'd be creative sometimes....just to make her laugh (or cringe). Then I would get rid of the hair completely, and let it regrow into the sneaky little goutee thing I normally have.

I do this because I have a ton of grey coming in, and you can't really notice it when it's short and stubbly.

My favorite thing to do was to wear this long sleeved tan/khaki shirt, and button it up to the top, slick down my hair, and then shave so I had a little Hitler mustache, and then just sit around the house telling her it was my new look, and act like nothing was wrong.

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