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2002-05-24 - 3:04 p.m.

Greg and I were talking about what if Jesus was the judge presiding over your case...meaning he decided if you went up, or down down down....

beloit08: is he the judge?

Pijohos: i would think so

beloit08: seems like there would be other judges, called 'your

honor', that would be arch angels or something

beloit08: cause jesus is probably a pretty busy dude.

beloit08: or lazy

beloit08: because hippy

Pijohos: you think he sits around with about 50 of his fucking

hanger-onners....telling stories and stuff..and sometimes some dude

comes in....and asks him a real serious question and jesus just rolls

his eyes and signs the papers the guy has without reading them

beloit08: that would be great

Pijohos: they laugh REALLY loud at his stories i bet

beloit08: he's all "So there I am, and this dude's speaking in tongues

and...yes? what is it?" rolls eyes, signs papers. "I swear, can't

these people make any of their own descisions? I mean JESUS!"

(pause)...Then everyone laughs a lot, even him

Pijohos: ahaha

Pijohos: and Mr. T and James Spader are outside the courtyard

looking in through some window getting really jealous they aren't


beloit08: ahahah

beloit08: once they're dead, sure

Pijohos: well yeah

beloit08: James Spader.....

beloit08: ahaha

Pijohos: "everybudddy alwayz laff'n at jesus and his damn jibba

jabba make me so mad"

beloit08: I don't know how to do Jame Spader's weird, halty way

of talking

Pijohos: you can call him Jame Spader, in conversation, and

nobody would know you said it wrong.

beloit08: I never thought of it that way

beloit08: what's really weird is how often he comes up in


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