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2002-05-26 - 12:09 p.m.

I'm driving out there, to California, today or tomorrow. Haven't decided.

I told Susan.

So, there you go.

I still haven't gotten my bounced check back from my old company. How's that for shitty?

My brakes went out, and on most new bmw's you have to buy new rotors too. So that was like 700 or so bucks that I didn't have, but had to spend.

I wrestled what might be my last match in Florida (for awhile) Friday, and was on WESH TV on their late news, talking about wrestling and what Barthes termed "the spectacle of wrestling".

The gorgeous newscaster...

I wanted to impress her with my opinion and interpretation of what wrestling is and why I do it, the signficance of the artistic vein that professional wrestling taps.

I wanted to speak on the persistence, throughout the years, of fans expectations and familiarity with wrestling and it's steps....the manner in which the fan expects the transient image of certain passions.

Barthes wrote:

It is therefore in the body of the wrestler that we find the first key to the contest. I know from the start that all of Thauvin's actions, his treacheries, cruelties, and acts of cowardice, will not fail to measure up to the first image of ignobility he gave me; I can trust him to carry out intelligently and to the last detail all the gestures of a kind of amorphous baseness, and thus fill to the brim the image of the most repugnant bastard there is: the bastard-octopus.

Wrestling is like a diacritic writing: above the fundamental meaning of his body, the wrestling arranges comments which are episodic but always opportune, and constantly help the reading of the fight by means of gestures, attitudes and mimicry which make the intention utterly obvious. Sometimes the wrestler triumphs with a repulsive sneer while kneeling on the good sportsman; sometimes he gives the crowd a conceited smile which forebodes an early revenge; sometimes, pinned to the ground, he hits the floor ostentatiously to make evident to all the intolerable nature of his situation

The art of the sell.


The necessity of representation..the familiarity of events, symbols, and gestures.....I wanted to touch on all these, things....

instead I just rambled on about how we don't swear or bring out T&A for the shows that are geared towards kids and held at schools.


Oh well.

I'll write more.

Still packing.

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