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2002-06-11 - 7:16 a.m.

When I was in the gulf, for the Gulf War Experience, there were alot of Army guys stationed there, with us Air Force people.

They got yelled at by their NCO's and junior NCO's alot.

We would just laugh at them, and go play soccer mostly.

There was this pool, a public pool where the guys would go swimming in Riyhadh and the female servicewomen couldn't swim, because of their local laws...

The army guys would come over to swim and they would get ice cream sometimes too. They would sit there and be all excited about swimming and eating ice cream, when that's basically what we did all fucking day long, which we thought was funny.

One time, this NCO came over in uniform and started yelling at the other army guys, and brought over a trashcan and made them throw away their cones and leave the swimming pool.

He held the trashcan up and made them line up, and one by one dump the cones into the trashcan.

I'm glad I was in the Air Force.

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