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2002-06-13 - 7:53 p.m.

Went on a date last week, with a girl my friend Nathan set me up with.

Sweet girl, somewhat religious, and very much a "good girl".

I always feel really out of my element with someone so fundamentally, and philosophically different than me, of course, so when she told me where we were going (she wanted to surprise me) I was caught a bit off guard.

Yeah, Asia SF, pan-asian fusion cuisine with drag queen waitresse

So I drove us to San Francisco, we got to the address, and there we were in a place that I would never think Rie would have wanted to go...

Nathan had warned me that guys would be hitting on her quite a bit...and that she dressed a bit provocatively....which she kinda did, and she did get hit on by a guy, I guess, but he had 36DD's and a sequined black dress.

I'm secure enough in my sexuality that I can go to places like this and not be weirded out, as long as i have a few(lot of) drinks.

We watched a few of the shows, which wear thin after one or two "pussycat" references, and had our desserts, and left..

That dude has tits.

Raspberry Mousse Napoleon. I made it for the family two days later. It was good.

We drove around the city, had a good time, talked for a few hours, and then I drove her home. I don't want to say that I had a bad time, or was unattracted to her, but my mind was on Susan.

We have talked almost nightly, and she's finally opened up to me in ways she never did before, since I'm not there.

I hate it.

I hate the feeling that there was never an argument, never a fight, only perfect dates, kisses, laughter, warmth, just a relationship that didn't grow fast enough for me, I guess.

I hate that (about me).

I really thought I was smiling when she took this picture.

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