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2002-06-14 - 2:48 p.m.

When we went to Mickes Grove Zoo, we stopped by a little amusment park that I used to go to when I was little.

They sell tickets for the rides, your regular carnival fare...round and round, octopus, scrambler, merry go get the picture.

We walked up to Funderwoods, and as we did, the three employees that run the 20 ride/4 booth park, snuffed out their cigarettes and got ready to recieve us, the only customers in sight.

Funderwoods. Tremble....

Chloe's first choice.Skyfighter 8.

Roller Coaster. Actually when we got there some girl was crying for them to stop. They stopped the ride, and her mom left right after that and threw away her tickets.
There is a cutout of Popeye with a broken hat off camera, unfortunately

Bug ride. It was broken and Chloe sort of wanted to ride it and the guy said she could sit on it as long as she wanted for one ticket, instead of two.

An authentic original paint job Tilt-A-Whirl. Badass.

The guy gave me the Jedi This is not the ride you're looking for when we approached.

Merry Go Round.

For no apparent reason, this dinosaur was in the middle of a speed car track.

The front light on her car was shorting out over and over, and it was creepy

Mostly she just sat there, not really pretending to steer. She's got it all figured out already.

To ride it alone.

People showed up and bought tickets to write the scramble once. Then they left. One of the girls said Chloe was the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen.

On her left arm she had a tattoo of a hypodermic needle and christian cross hybrid.

She was sweet.

I tried to get a cap of how she was palming her cigarette...there are no real trainsy signs on the route around the park, but there is a nice Restrooms one.

Us. On the train.

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