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2002-06-28 - 1:58 p.m.

beloit08: you must get something and send it to me. a business card, matchbook, blockbuster receipt....just something

beloit08: a little thing

Pijohos: from cloud?

beloit08: YES:F!

Pijohos: how about a lock of his hair

beloit08: that's creepy and gay

beloit08: business card would be ideal

beloit08: or autograph

Pijohos: i thoght about making a site called having fun without greg

beloit08: :'(

Pijohos: where i just go hang out with people who you were close to or hate

beloit08: like who?

Pijohos: like shelly or the girl you took to the prom or reed or your parents

Pijohos: or taking raven to the park with shelly

beloit08: ahaha

Pijohos:all photos and laughing and smiles

Pijohos: eating thanksgiving dinner with your sister

beloit08: that would be a horrible thing to do to someone, if you think about it

Pijohos: it would be crushing

beloit08: especially if it was with, like, their estranged wife

beloit08: stuff like that

Pijohos: yeah

Pijohos: i have good ideas

beloit08: sometimes, yah

Pijohos: what idea did i have that was bad beloit08: going out with Skyetang

Pijohos: that sex was unmatched

beloit08: yes, but the damage to your psyche...

beloit08: you realize you're just now beginning to recover from it, don't you?

Pijohos: yep. beloit08: rough

beloit08: would you do it again? of course you would. Would it be worth it? perhaps.....

Pijohos: i would do it again. would i be able to change anything?

beloit08: no....

beloit08: like some kind of hell circle

beloit08: same thing over and over

Pijohos: yeah i'd do it again

beloit08: but, unmatched sex

beloit08: AHAh

beloit08 signed off at 1:35:33 PM.

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