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2002-07-01 - 5:49 p.m.

I got stood up twice this weekend. Good reasons, I suppose, but still having plans and not being able to see her was frustrating. Make up date scheduled for Friday, with lunch midweek.

Chloe and I spent Sunday with my Dad, his brother my Uncle Bill, and my dad's friend Kimball and his wife.

We went gold panning, since that's their getaway activity, and they go to some beautiful places. Kimball's claim is off in this secluded riverbed near one of the creeks that feed into the American River. It's an amazingly secluded area, with nobody in sight for miles, and has some of the best outdoor scenery I've ever seen.

These pics were taken by me, Chloe, or the digital timer.

You can see that Chloe and I spent more time swimming and sliding down these smooth rock falls, than panning for flecks and specks of gold.

Do not comment on my wifebeater workout shirt, or my ugreeness.

Chloe sat on these rocks for awhile watching me slide down this kinda steep smoothrock and waterfall. It was around a three foot drop into a huge pool, so she was scared to go down even with me, but happy to watch.

She was talking to this frog that was stuck to the rock and I tried to catch her yelling but got this instead.

She's so big now.

Here's right after she found her courage. She was scared to go down any slides, but found one that was around three feet and fast and was so excited we did that for about an hour.

I've accepted I look the same in every photo. So should you.

There are about three quick ones like this that Chloe took. I'm trying to see if I can see the waterfalls that Kimball told us were just a quarter mile or less upstream Yeah more like 2x that distance.

Steven Cloud says I look like I'm posing for a 1941 Nazi Germany propaganda poster. I'm sure google will render some hits off that, from you're neighborhood nazi web surfer-types.

She's explaining to me how she zipped down the waterslide thing.

watching fish and pollywogs.

Daddy and Chloe sitting on the edge of the waterfall runoff. I am not tan.

Chloe sliding down another smooth rock fall. Yes, I was worried she'd smash open her skull on that rock to the right. She's fine.

I look totally disproportionate in this photo. My eyebrows look uneven. My mouth looks like it's missing an entire tooth. I have looked at this photo in it's original state and I it's fine. Compressing it makes me look goofed up.

Compression has ZERO to do with my nipple size, unfortunately.

This is what the entire sky looks like there.

She got all kinds of brave after awhile. Leaning back...head under water, going down with legs up and tucked, arms in the air.

I love her so much, I am so glad I didn't have a boy. Her laugh makes me forget everything that's giving me headaches in my life.

She likes to stick her tongue out at me.

I think when I go up to Oregon for Tyler's wedding I will take some camping gear and just spend a few days camping in some off the beaten path place with her. Cook, bring a book, some panning stuff...and just get away.

Got yet another call back for work, this one down in Los Angeles (again) and an old CEO of mine offering a possible director's job with his company, near San Diego.

Things will be okay, I suppose.

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