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2002-07-08 - 8:27 p.m.

Tonight I cooked sweet sticky brown sugar ribs for my parents and Chloe.

They were really good. (also sticky)

I made dumplings and gravy, and these sauteed veggie things...

like romaine lettuce wrapped around the sauteed carrots, scallions and yellow and red peppers

..then bound with scallion root drizzled with a thyme/cream/ginger sauce I made.

Then we drank Cherry 7-Up.

My parents have a sign near the door that leads to their bedroom from the kitchen, and it says "Backdoor Guests are Best!".

That is weird.

Also am I the only one that sees the utter tragedy in the making that toothbrush shelf is? It hangs directly above the toilet.

I am going to Santa Monica to decide if I'm taking this job and saying fuck all to Apple.


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