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2002-07-10 - 3:51 a.m.

My friend Tomas lives in Germany.

MVD rocks: why are you up so late?

Pijohos: like 345am goosestepper

MVD rocks: are you NETSEXXING?

MVD rocks: netsex in english sucks

Pijohos: dude your language is almost as ugly as russian

Pijohos: dont tell me german netsex is better


MVD rocks: its the land of Writer and Poems!

MVD rocks: Schiller

MVD rocks: Goethe

MVD rocks: Lessing

Pijohos: yeah of latent homosexual philosophers who change their political agenda like the wind, and then take on lovers in paris

MVD rocks: there are not really philosophers

MVD rocks: Nietsche and Kant are

Pijohos: goethe??

Pijohos: c'mon

MVD rocks: Goethe was a Scientist and writer, dont know a philosophic paper from him

Pijohos: and schiller wrote alot of what influenced a good deal of the revisited transcendental (German) philosophy movers and shakers, so i'd say he counts.

Pijohos: science is a philosophy.

Pijohos: for starters.

Pijohos: so Goethe counts jackass.

MVD rocks: hehe

Pijohos: goethe's focus on intuitive intellect and environmental philosophy IS ALL ABOUT PHILOSOPHY

Pijohos: better than the french and the spaniards though

MVD rocks: anyway

MVD rocks: netsex in english sucks

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