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2002-07-10 - 2:27 p.m.

Something I wrote the guys I work for/with in wrestling back in Florida

I hope that at least a FEW of you have noticed I haven't been around for the last month. Probably not that many have, because as you all know, I'm a very quiet, guy, in the same vein as say a Gauntlet Bonetti, or perhaps a certain Rick "Quick Draw" McGraw circa 1982?

This is going to be long, so if you have a short attention span, (cough*seijin akki*cough)hope to see you soon..if not....

At any rate, I wanted to touch base with all of you, let you know what I've been up to, and to kind of share with you what I learned in the year I worked straight at IPW(and hope to again shortly when I return).

I've been working for a few promotions out here in California(NAW/SPW/HWA/RPW) and keeping fairly busy, but it takes alot more work out here, I tell you that much, if you want to wrestle five times a month.

It's hard to get bookings, hard to get (and this is a shoot sorry,) good matches against guys you can trust and count on for a strong,entertaining match, and hard to get a payday that offsets the expenses that you incur as an independent wrestler.

Now, some of you are probably saying, "Well, The Bug, that sounds just like Florida to me!!"

Well, you're wrong. IN SO MANY WAYS.

Everytime I read a result of an IPW, CWF,NWA-Florida, hell even NBPW, my stomachknots up,because I miss it.

Fuck, I CRAVE it.

I miss the hour and change drive to St. Pete, I miss exiting the freeway,pulling into the plex,the guys just as hungry as me, here three, four hours early, chomping at the bit to get into the ring, setting up the show, making it happen, making IPW something different,something special. And it is. It's really magic there. There are tons of you who have no idea what you have there.

Believe me, I've wrestled in 71 matches now, in England, Puerto Rico, Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Zephyr Hills, in two years and seven months as a professional wrestler, and I can honestly say that if I had my choice I would wrestle at the 'Plex against ANY OF YOU, ALL OF YOU, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF you, if I had to choose between that and working anywhere in the world even the WWE I swear on my daughter's life I'd choose you guys.

You've got some of the most talented workers in the business, bar none, in that lockerroom every week. Mike Sullivan has wrestled in Madison Square Garden, and when some of you read that headline on our site, ( you read it, said "hum. cool." and kept on reading, I'm sure.

But me man, I saw someones fucking dream come true, and I was proud to be lacing up my boots next to him, because I consider him to be as good as ANYONE on tv monday nights. (even thursday, hah) Cuban Assassin, everyone one of you needs to fork nine bucks over and buy his PNW tapes from Portland, from when he was a hardcore babyface, waving the AMERICAN FLAG FOR FUCKS SAKE getting more babyface heat than anyone I've ever seen for Don Owens Promotions, doin springboardheadscissors and crossbody's into floatover sunset flips, it will blow your mind, not because he can't do them now, and could then, but because he is a veritable legend in the business, and everytime I'm at the plex, you guys stand up and watch the flippy flyer guys (no offense,I do it too) and half of you don't sit and study Cuban's matches now, when you could learn SO much more just from watching how he paces and adjusts to everyone style.

When I first got into the business, I saw a few of his posts saying he was one of the few guys who "changed" when the business changed to a faster paced more spot-oriented style, and couldwork with the modern audience, I LAUGHED at that shit, and I'm ashamed to say it, but I did. Now, I watched his matches against Colon's kid in Puerto Rico where he carries him to some of the best matches that guy can or ever will have, without breaking a sweat---him going against Rod and Agent Steel are probably just two more examples of his adaptability and I'm sure both of them are proud to have gotten the opportunity to work him.

I could go on, Ron,The Shanes, Pat Powers, Frankie Capone, ODD, Jet, Scoot and so on (Sorry if I didn't list everyone) are a wealth of talent and experience that everyone should lean heavily on to learn and grow as a performer and a professional.

Almost everyplace I've been, every locker room I've stepped into, I would GLADLY swap the IPW Production, Staff, and Talent for in a heartbeat.

Even Concession Boy.

Everytime I go to a show now, everytime I step in the ring, everytime I'm going over my match on the way home I'm reminded of what and why I'm in this business, and it's because of what IPW is, and what you guys are.

I miss IPW, and I hope that alot of you read this and really take a look around at what you're a part of and even if you don't say it out loud, thank the guys around you, thank Ron, thank Eddie, Dave, everyone in the back, for what you guys have, even thank yourselves, because you are part of the best thing going today.


The Bug

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