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2002-07-12 - 1:52 p.m.

When my dad's mom's husband, my grandpa (4th marriage for her) norman died, my grandmother thought it would be nice to give us boys his clothes.

We were 16 and 14 respectively, Dereck and I, and kevin was too young, and we got all these clothes.

To be honest most of the clothes were old and weird and smelled like grandpa and pipe tobacco.

We didn't want the clothes but we took them after my mom gave us shit about complaining...

My grandpa Norman was really mean and a good guy, but never had his own kids, and wasn't into us very much, not because he didn't love us, he just didn't care for kids to be around more than an hour or so.

He would make me play yahtzee with him, and if I started to win he'd have to go work on the camper.

When we got his clothes, Dereck and I would amuse ourselves by dressing up like Grandpa Norman, and doing his mannerisms, and calling people "You old stick in the mud." and attacking the catholic church, "Goddamn mary-worshipping blashpehemers!!"

We'd sit and pretend to pack his old pipes (my father had gotten them from grandma annie *short for anis, imagine her childhood growing up*) and we'd sit in the chair and just mumble and be mean and make each other laugh.

Then my grandma came over one time and didn't knock (we bought her old house, that she lived in for 20 years with him) and saw us dressed in his clothes and she about shit herself.

That was the last time we wore his stuff and pretended we were him, but we had fun while it lasted.

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