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2002-07-24 - 2:11 a.m.

Job in Santa Monica...guess who's the guy I'd be working for?

No one other than the asshole who stiffed me for his share of my Manhattan rent money when I moved to NYC, 1100 a month, for a year, fucking dropped that bomb on me the week before I moved there, way after I signed the lease.

I don't know why the CEO there didn't tell me he'd hired Harris.

What a horrible disappointment.

To top it off, Chloe fell and slipped in the shower, cut herself on the sharp edge of the shower door, had to get sutures, what a mess....

The next day she is with her mom and picks the "owie" open and we have to go BACK TO The Emergency room, and I can't let her do it without me, since the insurance is through my off I go, having to leave my hiring and HR interview right in the middle....

It's like she has a chance to spend time with Chloe, and that's ruined.

I have a chance to secure this job in Santa Monica, that's ruined.

One of the biggest disappointments has nothing to do with any of that though.

I was supposed to meet up with that girl I'd really felt a connection with, and when I emailed her to let her know that Chloe was with me (She wouldn't let Daddy go, and Mommy didn't want Daddy there in her apartment since she lives with another traditional (korean) couple..that might not understand--is what she tells me) she stayed at the hotel with Daddy.

I emailed her, apologized, asked for her contact info (couldn't get it without my yahoo) and told her about Chloe's trip to the ER.

I asked her to forgive me, and to come out to visit both of us, or wait until the next day to see me, and was promptly laughed at.

I guess I could understand someone feeling hurt about being stood up, but I would have thought that maybe she'd have asked if Chloe was okay or something....anything.

Eh, maybe it's no big loss, if someone who's unable to see where my priorities are is so non-understanding.

I get back home, and what do I see but an email from the girl with her phone number so she can yell at me and laugh at me some more I guess.

I really wanted to meet her too..stupid me.

So anyways, as tired as I was, Chloe asked me if we could go see "Leee-loooo and Sitch" (lilo and stitch) at the we went. Her cut hurt so bad she stood up almost the entire movie...

THAT made me cry more than anything on the screen ever could.

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