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2002-08-01 - 12:37 a.m.

..... JUSTICE successfully defended his Florida Unified Cruiswerweight Championship by defeating the returning THE BUG and JERRELLE CLARK in a three-way dance. This was a back-and-forth match and it looked like either challenger could have walked away with the title, but Justice prevailed and he eventually got the 1-2-3 .....

And a fan posted this right afterwards...which is really why I do what I do...

As a first time and now going to be long time fan of IPW, I have to say I enjoyed hotter the Hell, alot from the top to bottom.

From the Opening match which was funny as hell between the retards and the Wisconsin guys....too the awesome three way cruiserweight match...the tag match, what a sick bump the Peter Beautiful guy took on the chairs...and fuck was he the brutal barbed wire main event....what a great show...

Yeah! I felt great about that...

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