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2002-08-02 - 10:58 p.m.


We went to Marine World with my good friend David and his mom, beautiful niece, Kayla, and David's girlfriend for fathers day. These are the photos:

Chloe and Kayla on the merry-go-round

Watching the Seal Show is serious business, indeed.

They have this huge open-air butterfly experience greenhouse. It's nice.

Scrunchy-face hugs.

Justin gets dizzy from spinning rides. Three-year olds don't.

Chloe riding on the elephant.

David gets picked for stuff like this all the time. Right before they called him, he's all "Check this out. I always get picked for these" Bam. Picked.

The best part about this photo isn't my beautiful daughter. It's that fat kid in the front who's probably like 10, and thinks he's so cool he can put his hands up behind his head. You're so cool Hawaiian shirt fat kid!

Chloe and Kayla on the boat that swings back and forth. Check out how excited Chloe is. I had a big proud parent goofy grin on my face watching them.

We fed these birds some "nectar". They were being fed tons and tons of this "nectar" for a dollar a cup, and as soon as they'd drink it they were shitting out the "nectar" they had drank before. I like using ""'s around "nectar".

Chloe saw a butterfly land on Kayla right when I went to snap a picture of these two. She's got the goofiest look ever on her face.

Two more things. One, when Chloe and I went to see Lilo and Stitch.....we had this exchange:

(during a really emotional part where Lilo and Stitch look like they aren't going to see each other anymore...)

I'm getting choked up---I glance at Chloe she's wide-eyed...staring at the screen...

Dad: Chloe are you crying?

Chloe: NO!

(pause for 5 seconds)

....are you?

THAT is why I love her. She's just like me!

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