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2002-08-10 - 1:05 a.m.

Sometimes I don't even know what to write in this thing.

Chloe and I saw Lilo and Stitch for the third time and we were the only ones in the theater, and this is not a goof.

But we bought these cylume things and we were running down the aisles with them and throwing them and she'd go get them and we'd watch the movie....

and fuck around for 20 minutes then watch more movie and eat nerds and popcorn and drink cherry coke.

Then she goes:

"Daddy do you like fat girls?"

"I like lots of girls Chloe."

"Yah but Fat ones too?"

"I like girls who look like women."

"I am not fat though. I like Lilo's sister she's pretty and fat."

She's not even fat. She's like J-LO and hawaiian and hot as fuck for a cartoon girl, for the record.

Nani, I think is her name.

I'm going to Hungary in 38 days.

I'm going to spend New Years Eve in Amsterdam with a beautiful girl I talk to sometimes always.

She's amazing and romantic and fun and a pal, and we will have a perfect vacation.

My new years eves are like 4 for 4 over the past 4 years.

I totally typed 3 years...but that's not right.

Im also counting this year as #4.

I'm also drinking alot with my brother and playing a horse racing game for PS2.

I'm also a dork.


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