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2002-08-12 - 2:08 p.m.

I'm going to Hungary Sept 16. This is pictures of the Studio/Apartment I'll be living in. I will have 2 bedrooms, and sometimes they use it for photo shoots.

Don't ask.

This changes in early November.

The apartment overlooks the Danube. The roads are cobblestone, and the view fantastic. There is a cafe on the block, below my balcony.

This will be fine.

The room on the left will be my bedroom. It's being furnished now. In December, the one on the right will be Chloe's.

This is my bathtub

This is where I will go potty

This is Tomas the photgrapher. I guess he's a cool guy.

Chandelliers. I didn't spell that right did I?

This is the living room.

The kitchen is small. This is my least favorite part. I like to cook, and I hate being crunched into the kitchen.

This is the hallway that leads outside to the front door and the gate.

So yeah. Sept 16th.

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