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2002-08-17 - 5:14 a.m.

Guess what? I've heard all the "you must be hungry" Hungary jokes already.

Enough to last a lifetime.

So STOP WITH THE HUNGARY JOKES! I'M FULL!!! (no that one doesn't count)

Sept 16. Sept 16.

There is alot of shady stuff going on in Hungary from what I can tell.

When your friend invites you over to work there and says "Don't worry, there's no Russian mafia in our district in the city." you should be concerned about say, making sure you have a really good fucking map.

It's also been a week of reconnecting.

Several people I'd lost touch with had popped out of the blue and that makes me smile...and it also makes me realize how insane my life is because I basically have to start out the conversation with the following:

"Yeah, so no, I'm not married nope...been divorced two years now. Yeah she was a good girl, I liked her too.but well.... oh that?

yeah well I lost like three million on the deal, yes, million, haha me too, I wish i'd sold, yeah, (shutup already fucker)

yes, a 3 year old, she lives with me....

not much, yeah, well, you know I'm a pro wrestler now right? yep, like on TV. Well, it's as fake as star wars, did you yell out FAKE during the scenes with Yoda...?

Right now, in california, but I'm moving to Budapest next month. Yes, the city, in Hungary...

...haha yeah, um, that's a good one, 'not thirsty',



really that's funny."

But it's not.

At any rate, I am sure that at the end of the day, I will not regret that I took the road less travelled.

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