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2002-08-25 - 12:22 a.m.

Here I go.

In 1980 or so Arsenal was on of the top sides in the English Premier League and they were playing a perinnial bounce team Stoke City....always risking relegation (being sent down to the league below it in stature) during the time it seemed.

Stoke, like most overmatched teams in English football (espcially in the 80's)set their defense to bunker in, and play total defense.... and play for the draw.

Arsenal outclassed them, and ended up scoring a handful of goals, to win, as they were heavily favored, this surprised few.

One of the things that struck me most..and has stuck with me, was the brevity in which Stoke manager Alan Durban addressed the vocal and hostile press, in the conference that followed the match.

"If you want to entertainment, go and watch clowns."

My days are mundane now...but functional.

My days are filled with the daily repitition of parenthood and earning what I can to pay my bills and prepare for this move.

Daily, I call her mother, in hopes that she will reach out to her daughter.

It has been three months since she has called.

Daily, I check for pills from my grandfather, that my mother likes to take for her headaches. (she gets migraines)

Everyday I do really boring shit.

Starting September 16, I'm sure my life will go back to it's usual state, that of unnecessary drama, and adventure, and stories that nobody will believe anyways.

Oh, and in two weeks I wrestle a guy named Captain Canada, for my last match in the states for quite some time.

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