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2002-08-28 - 2:36 a.m.

Everytime I talk to my friend Craig in Hungary about the staff that will be working for me, he tells me more scary stuff.

Like sometimes it will be 11am (budapest time) and I will need some documents from them, or progress updates...and they won't be online.

So I will ask Craig and he'll be all.."dunno it's 11am. He's not in. I'll fire him when he comes in."

This happens often.

I am working on Budapest time.

I am sleepy mostly, because real world stuff doesn't stop just because my schedule is upside down. So I have to go to the gym, get Chloe ready for school and stuff...and still do my afterhours work.

This is what I look like working:

Chloe pops up sometimes and keeps me company.

She is the best. My favorite is when she gets Lucky Charms and brings the milk separate and makes the bowl for me right here in the dark.

I am so excited about this move.

You know what I realized the other day...I didn't really think about money...just the fun and adventure of it.

I will make enough to live, and to provide Chloe with a great life, and odds are this thing will come through and give me MUCH more.

But if it doesn't oh well.

I always have friends like Chris to fall back on to make me laugh when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

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