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2002-09-08 - 1:39 a.m.

tonight I worked a wrestler named Dante. He's one of the top california workers, and very talented.

His style is that of a muay thai kickboxer, very serious and what's called "shoot" where everything is supposed to be real.

So we did a mixed match, half real, half wrestling.

He focused on my arm and shoulder, and I on his neck, and upper back. All of our moves and submissions all focused on those areas.

When he'd work my shoulder, the crowd would be on their chairs, wondering when I was going to give up.

When I'd drop him high on his neck, and the ref counted towards the three, they counted with him, and groaned with disappointment when Dante kicked out at two.

Both of us ended up bloody, with bruises and loose jaws, and bruises, covered in blood and barely able to finish.

When he finally had me tap out (because his second pulled the rope away from me before I could force the referee to break the hold)....I looked out the crowd and out of the 400 or so fans, maybe 20 were sitting.

The rest stood on their feet, cheering, not because the bad guy won, but because for 10 minutes and 11 seconds, we tricked them into thinking they weren't watching a fixed match, but that they were watching competition.

I am going to get stitches soon. My lip and gums are cut, swollen and flowing.

I got 75 bucks tonigh for my payday.

Yeah that's it.

75 dollars.

It was worth it, to trick those fans into thinking that maybe, just maybe, wrestling isn't so fake.

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