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2002-09-14 - 2:11 a.m.

I leave for Hungary this monday.

Today when I got back from visiting certain friends I hadn't seen in months, years, weeks, days (yes in that order), I came back home, and saw a small white cupcake with a note actually "pinned" to the paper cup that held it.

I love you and I wish you'd stay here with all of us for a bit longer. Your visit has been wonderful for everyone. Just remember your mom loves you enough to make you your favorite treat!

The white cupcakes and pastel disk sprinkles that we made each saturday for my soccer games for at least ten years.... Each and every game....she'd make them for the whole team.

She made me one.


I went and checked all over the kitchen, none were there, just a packet of unused paper cups.....and a box of mix almost unused....lay in the cupboard, unmixed, unmade.

Three days and I leave

alot behind.

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